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    Unanswered: SSRS Oracle Cursor debacle

    hey guys need some brainstorming help here. we're using SSRS rpts against an oracle database using views as the datasource. we have the need to use dynamic queries. well, the normal thing for me is a ref Cursor i.e.:
    using a proc and a dynamic querystring.

    procedure Proc_Inv_Standard_Format(WhereClause varchar2,c_a1 OUT t_cursor)
    v_strSQL varchar2(4000);

    v_strSQL := 'Select * from vw_rpt_inv_standard_format Where ' || WhereClause;
    open c_a1 FOR v_strSQL;

    the problem is, SSRS cannot see an object.
    now if i make it like this:
    v_strSQL := Select * from vw_rpt_inv_standard_format;

    no problem, but i return 1/2 of the dang database which defeats having the where clause.
    i need a way around this.
    would it maybe be possible to have two ref cursors, the 2nd one being the one that's dynamic & then just assign that to the first one which will be returned?
    this seems to be a major flaw in SSRS itself that it can't do this. any ideas are appreciated.

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    >any ideas are appreciated.
    We don't have your tables, data or requirements.
    Based upon non-existent posted details, I could not identify a correct answer, if one were posted.
    >the problem is, SSRS cannot see an object.
    what does above line mean & why does it matter?
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