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    Question Unanswered: MySQL query to get multiple comma seperated values of a single column from join table

    Please refere below table. First table is 'Schedule' which has comma seperated team ids (e.g. 1,2). I want to create a single query to fetch team names from joined Team table. Is it possible?

    Id date teams
    1 2010-01-15 1,2
    2 2010-01-17 3,4

    id team
    1 England
    2 South Africa
    3 Sri Lank
    4 India


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    Nothing is impossible but you have made your life very complicated by storing the information in the schedule table in this way. You should have a look at changing the schedule table to include a column for home team and away team.

    To continue with your setup now have a look at the function SUBSTRING_INDEX to get each value that you are looking for.
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