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    Unanswered: Stopping a macro when a field is null

    I have a macro, that runs a bunch of queries and updates data. I want a query to run first, and if a certain field anywhere in the data is NULL, have the macro stop and make the user update it. If nothing is NULL then the macro will keep on running. Is this possible?

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    I am still new at access and just realized this probably can't happen.

    But is there code (written in the module) that can check it, so that if the column in the table is null it gives an error and stops the macro?

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    Yes it's easier using VBA:
    If DCOUNT("*", "[Some_Table_Or_Query]", "[A_Certain_Field] Is Null") > 0 Then
        ' Nulls found: Don't run the Macro and have the user to update first.
        ' No Nulls found: Run the macro.
    End If
    Have a nice day!

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