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    Unanswered: access corrupt

    I have an Access 2007 file that appears to have become corrupted during a compact and repair. I say it's partially corrupt because I can still open it but most of the tables now believe that they are system tables. I am unable to open or link to these tables. When I try I get an error message telling me that "Could not read definitions, no read definitions permission for...". Any ideas on how to recover this file?

    The data in the mdb file is important to me !
    Thanks a lot for helping me!

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    best approach
    reload from your backup... you do have a backup don't you?

    create a new blank database and see if you can import the objects from the corrupt db

    if you don't have a backup then in future always create one before a compact and repair and whenever else you feel you need it.
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    repair your mdb files

    Hi, Sofian

    There are some Access database recovery tools that may be able to repair your Access database file. Below is a list of them:

    Most of them provide a free demo so you can try first.

    Wish to help you!


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    Just so you know. I have run into this type of problem, when it tries to load the database and errors out. The thing that I have found to cause a problem like this is setting buttons to be non-visible on the properties form. The way to go around it is on form load under vba set the fields/buttons you don't want present to false. I.E. me.button.visible=false.

    ALWAYS make a backup before every change.

    Sometimes, you can still get in the database and try to fix it by holding shift as you open it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by healdem View Post
    ...always create one (backup) before a compact and repair...
    This bit of advice is very, very important! C & R is a well recognized cause of corruption! Because of this, the 'Compact on Closing' option
    (Tools - Options - General) should never be ticked! This is one of several options that should never have been made available by Microsoft! The tendency to cause corruption aside, there is seldom a reason for a properly designed Database to be routinely Compacted.

    And while you're in Tools - Options - General, under the 'Name AutoCorrect'Section, untick the 'Track Name AutoCorrect Info' checkbox. Many experienced developers consider this feature to be another frequent cause of corruption. Also, once an app is loaded with a fair amount of data, this feature can cause a significant slowdown in performance.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    All posts/responses based on Access 2003/2007

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    Thx for all your help!I used the tool recommended by alanlisa and have sloved my problem successfully!Although paid some money,but I am very happy because it fix my problem.

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