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    Unanswered: Vacation Database

    Hello Everyone..

    I am looking for some help with MS Access 2007. My boss told me to create a vacation database for our team (20 employees) and since I am pretty new to access I am struggling with some of the concepts required to do this project. The basic requirements are as follows:
    - employees submit request for vacation through access
    - management approves or disapproves through access
    - vacation can be taken in 2 hr, 4 hr, 6 hr or 8 hr time frames or for whole days / week
    Nice to have:
    - If the vacation gets approved to link it to employees Outlook calendar

    If some one could post in detail what I need to do what fields i need to have to create the above I would greatly appreicate it. I know that i need to create a form which i can do through the form wizard in access 2007 for employees to request but then how would i get that form to management for them to approve or decline?

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    as you are using outlook, personally I'd do the whole thing in outlook and avoid Access all together
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    I asked him that as well because i found the outlook forms a lot easier but he wants it in access. He's a big access fan. Plus I am thinking this project is him trying to get me comfortable with access so he can give me more work in it. I have always been giving him alternate solutions to using access.

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