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    Unanswered: Finding MySQL Administrator log files

    I have set the startup variables in as Querymydb; Errormydb and Updatemydb, with the Binlog Options set as Log updates for mydb. The Option File chosen as the default was C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\my.ini
    I have examined that directory and the log files aren't there.
    I've done a global search on *mydb*; I've examined many folders, including the Windows installation directory as suggested in the Administrator Help menu.
    However, I've not been able to find any logs by these file names.

    I'm not sure whether the fact that I'm running through Wamp Server would cauase any changes of location, but I assumed that the Option File location indicated by Administrator would be where I would expect to find the files.
    Are there any suggestions as to anywhere I can look to find the logs I need to submit? Has anyone else experience this?

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    What exactly have you put into the my.ini and under which section?

    As for the log files. This is what I found in the manual:

    To enable the binary log, start the server with the --log-bin[=base_name] option. If no base_name value is given, the default name is the value of the pid-file option (which by default is the name of host machine) followed by -bin. If the basename is given, the server writes the file in the data directory unless the basename is given with a leading absolute path name to specify a different directory. It is recommended that you specify a basename.

    So look for the process identifier followed by -bin
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    Finding MySQL Administrator log files

    Thanks, Ronan.
    The my.ini file that I mentioned is the location of the Option File on the Startup Variables screen in Administrator, which shows as:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\my.ini
    I didnít actually do anything that I was aware of to create or affect this file.

    I had a look at the General Parameters on the Startup Variables screen.

    Base directory is:
    C:/Program Files (x86)/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.1/
    Data directory is:
    C:/ProgramData/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.1/Data/

    When I went into this data directory, I found the three files that I had been looking for, the names of which I had set up in the Log Files screen. I assume these files were created by my backup process through the command line prompt:

    However, I still have a problem: As a second step I was required to process a new backup and restore through MySQL Administrator this time, changing the names of the files to in the Startup Variables screen, which I did, saved and closed both Administrator and the MySQL Server:

    Having successfully processed the second backup and restore, I am unable to now find these later log files anywhere, including in the program data directory above where I found the first files. Iíve checked all the bins in the MySQL and MySQL Server 5.1 directories.

    We donít have any instruction about creating binary logs, and Iím unfamiliar with this type of process and its purpose.

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