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    Question Unanswered: Help please!! - Security/Login Boxes

    Hello ...I am using Access 2003 and my database is now at the stage where I need to create different login's for different types of users. I need:

    a) The main admin - with all privileges (me)
    b) Users that can read/input/update data (but not have access to changing the database design)
    c) Read-only users

    I've tried using the User-Level Security Wizard, but am having no luck whatsoever. It either ends up that I either have a login boxes, but no access to any forms, or if not, no login box appears! I'm self-taught in using Access, and think I've done pretty well until now, however I seem to have hit a brick wall and am worried that I may mess the whole system up if I keep playing!

    Any help would be very much appreciated - I'm sure it's probably simple when you know how! Thanks

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    (re)read the Microsoft Access security FAQ
    and take locks of backups whilst you are making changes to the security

    as a further wrinkle you can use the API calls to retrieve the nework name, computer ID and other a google on Dev Ashish Api

    one technique I have used is to use the network logon ID, slo a user doesn't have to create a new password, passowrd security is handled by the OS not your applciation.

    for each user you want to have access to the Access application define them in a common workgroup file. define appropriate user groups for your required security model. associate specific users with appropriate user groups.

    using the security library, forget what its called (might be ADO Security) but its in the refernences in your code window. put a call in each form / reports on open event which calls a function. usually that call takes the form of a (UDF) function call to

    which returns a boolean value which is returned in the open events cancel argument

    cancel = NOT IsUserAMemberOf("ReadOnlyUsers")
    the not inverts the response of the function, if they are a member of the group then the function will return true, but the cancel function expects a 'true' to refuse opening, ' false' to allow opening.
    you can also use the function to say set form properties, so if they are have readonly permission then set appropriate permissions as required. its actually safer to set the default read only state and then allow permissions if they can edit or are admin
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    Brilliant, thanks a lot for your help got it all sorted now!

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