I am trying to "pretty up" the result of this Oracle phrase:

min (to_char(numtodsinterval((a.update_date - a.transaction_time),'minute'),'DD HH24:MIS')) "M01"
The result of this effort was:
+000000000 00:00:00.123456789
It is worse then:
min (numtodsinterval((a.update_date - a.transaction_time),'minute')) "M01" and getting:
0 0:0:0.123456789
The end-users can understand the first format better than the second version.

How to I change the 00:00:00.123456789 to 00:00:00? I thought that was done as part of the TO_CHAR function? I am running 10g and will be switching to 11.2 soon. However, I have to support both for a while.

I appreciate your help on this!

Thank you!