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    Unanswered: CCSID integer Issue

    Hi experts,

    We have db2 9.1 on z/os mainframe and plan to make a copy of its database to a db2 9.7 running on a linux server. The problem is all tables have some fields defined as "FOR BIT DATA" and the CAST command in SELECT statements does not accept integer values on db2 9.7. We need to cast hex-value data of such tables to 1252 codepage which is not possible by the following command:

    CAST(c.CITYNAME as varchar(30) ccsid 1252)

    It only takes UNICODE and ASCII which does not return proper characters.

    Any resolution would be highly appreciative.

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    Just an idea...
    Did you try to create a table on z/OS with a CCSID 1252 column?

    Yet a better idea would of course be to convert the "bit data" stuff on z/OS to an UTF-8 column on z/OS and then use "normal" transfer methods (DB2 Connect) to transparently do the conversion to the codepage used by the (Windows) client.
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    If you use DB2 Connect to access the z/OS database from the Linux machine, you should be able to run the export command against the z/OS table, and it will be in DB2 LUW format. You may have to specify the code page on the export command as an option (see Export command in the DB2 LUW Command Reference manual). You will probably have to do a remote bind of utilities from Linux to the z/OS database using an Id that has sysadm on DB2 z/OS.
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