Since this is an urgent business requirement, I’d appreciate a prompt response on this.

Position Details:

Position Description: APEX Architect

Client: Oracle America, Inc.

Location: Washington DC

Start Date: ASAP

Duration: 4+ Months

# of position: 1

Job description:

E2.0_Web Logic Portal (WLP)/APEX Expert.

Local to DC preferred but not required.

Candidate MUST have demonstrated skills and knowledge.

The customer receives documents from the courts via a web application interface written in JAVA (EJBs) and web service interface (JAVA). These documents based on the types are separated into different queues using BPEL and the work list application. These queues are accessed via APEX and the data from the documents are manually entered into data entry screens developed using APEX.

-Currently the data entry screens are written in PL/SQL Web Toolkit. One of the major task is to

rewrite these applications written in PL/SQL Web Toolkit to APEX.

-Integrate Work list application with APEX using web service and Advanced Queues.

-Integrate with a third party software which will automate the extraction of data from the documents and store the data in the database.

-several years development experience of which some must be in APEX 4.0

-use of advanced features like dynamic actions, validations

-experience with developing multiple tabular regions in a page is a must

-experience with extending APEX with JavaScript Libraries

-using webservice in APEX

-using style sheets in APEX
-experience writing PLSQL procedures/functions

-experience with database triggers

-exposing plsql as web service

-experience with Aqs is desirable

Experience in creating and consuming web services

The above skills are a must. Other desirable skills will include

- java - EJB


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