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    Unanswered: Value not appearing in external table


    I'm kind of confused here. Data's loading into the table fine (using the external table method). The table has like 60 columns, all of data type NUMBER apart from the DATE column.
    When I configure the loader, I set the type of header (in the excel file) to be of type VARCHAR2(500). (The value itself is e.g., 12345) just like I do for the other 58 columns in the excel file. And this is not the first time I'm doing this.
    The column in the External table (in Toad) also shows having a data type of VARCHAR2(500).

    When the excel file is processed and loaded, I can see that for that header/column, no value is present in the external table.

    The column created in the table itself is of type NUMBER but the process doesn't get this far for this to matter.

    Could really use some troubleshooting tips? Thanks.

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    Please ignore. Sorry and Thanks.

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