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    Unanswered: Run Time error 3156 ODBC Delete on a linked table TABLENAME failed

    Hi ,
    Since from one week i am facing problem in msaccess
    The problem is
    "Run Time error 3156 ODBC Delete on a linked table TABLENAME failed"
    Initially iam retrieving the data from multiple tables and later inserting the data into the table the table consists of 6000 records the query as follows:
    INSERT INTO tblProposal_Search_Result (Specification_Nbr, Specification_Version, Request_Date, REASON_REQUEST, CAS_Nbr, Chemical_Name, Product_Name, Business_Unit_Description, Customer_Name, Specification_Type_Description, Specification_Status_Desc)
    SELECT Specification_Nbr, Specification_Version, Request_Date, TBLREQUEST_CATEGORY.REQUEST_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION, CAS_Nbr, Chemical_Name, Product_Name, Business_Unit_Description, tblSpecification.Customer_Name, Specification_Type_Description, Specification_Status_Desc FROM ((((tblSpecification LEFT JOIN tblBusiness_Unit ON tblSpecification.Business_Unit_Code = tblBusiness_Unit.Business_Unit_Code) LEFT JOIN tblSpecification_Type ON tblSpecification.Specification_Type_Code = tblSpecification_Type.Specification_Type_Code) LEFT JOIN tblSpecification_Status ON tblSpecification.Status_Code = tblSpecification_Status.Specification_Status_Code) LEFT JOIN TBLREQUEST_CATEGORY ON tblSpecification.REQUEST_CATEGORY_CODE = TBLREQUEST_CATEGORY.REQUEST_CATEGORY_CODE)
    WHERE Specification_Version - INT(Specification_Version) > 0

    After inserting the records into the table
    Iam executing the delete statement to delete the data from inserted table
    DELETE * FROM tblProposal_Search_Result(table name)
    But it could not able to delete the records and throwing an exception as:

    "Run Time error 3156 ODBC Delete on a linked table TABLENAME failed"

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    DELETE * FROM tblProposal_Search_Result(table name)

    Im not surprised as its not valid SQL
    either specify a where condition (so only rows matching that condition are deleted) or no condition (so all records will be deleted)

    Delete FROM mytable WHERE acloumn = 98070987098
    Delete FROM mytable
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