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Thread: HDR problem

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    I'm trying to get HDR restarted and getting this message:

    The secondary server is in Standard mode
    onstat -g dri

    INFORMIX-OnLine Version 7.23.UC11 -- On-Line -- Up 2 days 16:50:04 -- 501544 Kbytes

    Data Replication:
    Type State Paired server Last DR CKPT (id/pg)
    standard off 617205 / 8

    When i issue this command:
    onmode -d secondary prod_tcp

    I get the following:
    DR: Unable to change server type

    I have not found any documentation addressing this problem.

    BTW We are running IDS 7.23

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    hdr problem

    what is current state of primary and secondary?

    Can you do

    onstat -
    on both primary and secondary and let me know?

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    Maybe time to consider an upgrade :-) to 11.70 ...
    Take a look there

    Adding the fact that you can benefit from the Innovator-C Edition if your infrastructure permits it, it's worth taking a look...

    If your infra is more 'heavy stuff' you may consider Growth Edition or Ultimate Edition.

    This won't resolve your problem, but will give you ideas for the future...


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