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    Question Unanswered: Killing online db2 database backup

    In my replication server, online db2 database incremental backup was in progress, then I manually killed the backup,for this incremental backup a backup command is written and saved as batch file. After killing the backup, Q Apply got stopped. I want to know what is the impact of killing manually the online db2 incremental database backup? and how this killing impacted the running Q Apply and stopped it..?
    This online backup runs through the command saved as batch file and runs on command prompt..when i stopped it, I just clicked on the cross button the of running command prompt.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Sorry I don't know about Q Apply - but I believe once the db2 backup command is running it is of no consequence clicking on the cross button of the command prompt - that's not directly in control of the backup process. It just started it off. DB2 took over from that point.

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