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    Unanswered: strategy of a database update

    Dear all,
    I have the following probolem.
    I need to update a database with several thousands users having reading access. My idea is to make separate updated table than to rename old and updated table (this gets the name of the old table) and then to delete old table. Is there any better way to do this.
    Database contains around 20 milions entries 5MB so I need to find an efficient way to update table as fast as possible so without obstructing (as much as it is possible!) reading access. The update depends on the external resources and it is performed in regular time intervals (once per week).
    What is the best practice for this?

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    Are you updating the data in the table, or are you changing the table design weekly?

    If you're updating the table data weekly, what is the purpose of the update? And, why do you feel the need to go through an elaborate process in this update?

    If you're updating the table design weekly ... WHY?
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