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    Unanswered: Dependent ComboBox's

    Hi guys,

    I want the functionality within a task manager I am creating that allows me to enter the tasks of a buisness plan.

    The buisness plan itself is a simple document, tasks within it are defined within a 3 tier heading layout:

    x Tier One headings
    x.x Tier Two headings
    x.x.x The actual task description itself

    I am trying to work out how I can build any 3 tiered document structure in a form based worksheet. For example, I would start by entering my T1 headings, each of which has the capacity to hold any number of T2 subheadings, for which those subheadings can hold any number of tasks.

    For veiwing and editing purposes I would like to have two combo boxes that represent T1 and T2 lists. Depending on what is selected in combobox1 the lsit in combobox2 is changed. The correct Heading and sub-heading would be selected in these boxes so that the task manger knows where the task should be recored, or knows which tasks are under those two headings for display purposes.

    It also has to be flexible enough to allow the deletion of tasks, subheadings (T2) and headings (T1).

    I hope thats understandable,


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    Just a follow up,

    I was playing around with Tree view in VB last night and realised they would be far more appropriate than two linked comboboxes.

    Plus tree view is also a more intuative way to view the type of structure I am talking about.

    Not sure if it can be used in VBA quite as easily but would welcoem any suggestions.


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