OK, I am a lightweight and I am still using Access 2000, but I am hoping that means a lot of you know the answer to this question.
I have two tables (one older) with traffic sign information. They each have 8 fields. I want to do something like an Unmatched Query between the fields that define what each SIGN means when 4 other fields are equivalent.
In other words, when the MAIN STREET, FROM STREET, TO STREET and SIDE OF STREET fields are the same in both tables, I want to compare the SIGN fields to see the changes. Basically, I want to see the changes on the same block and side of the street between the 2 tables.
I think I need some kind of when MAIN STREET = MAIN STREET, FROM STREET = FROM STREET, etc. conditions are met, what are the unmatched fields in the SIGN field, but like I said, I am at a loss.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.