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    Unanswered: Setting date parameters for Access Reports

    I am trying to maintain a simple data base that was created by someone else and would like to set all of my reports to show results by date. I added a control box with a simple

    ="FROM " & [Enter From Date] & " THRU " & [Enter To Date]

    I also set this to show the date range on the report header. The header date ranges are correct, but when I open the report and I put in the requested dates, it is still pulling all of the dates. I know this has to be a simple fix, but not sure where to start. Although I have worked in Access for several years, I am not well versed in designing. I have taken a few classes, but have not done enough to maintain the knowledge I gained well over a year ago.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!!!

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    One of the simplest ways may be to use the Filter property of the report. You will need to set it to something like "FieldNameToFilterOn Between [Enter From Date] And [Enter To Date]"

    Change FieldNameToFilterOn to the name of the field from the report's Record Source. Also, make sure to set the FilterOn property to Yes.

    Good luck.


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