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    Unanswered: Report Builder 3.0 External Images not loading

    Okay. I am having issues getting external images to display in a report that I am developing. First... my images exist on another box the the report server..

    I am also trying to dynamically assign the image path from a field I created in my .rdl...

    On my report I added a table inserted an image place holder in the first column and the second column displays the image path from the field set.. (i.e. file://

    I set the image properties to external images and the image file to my field set that holds the whole path as listed above... I saved to the report server and run and this is what happens...

    I see a bunch of red x's and the filename in the other table view.. when i select properties it show the url of my report server and not file:// any ideas I'm at a loss?

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    Forgot to put this piece in there.

    One thing that does work is if I change the report definition image properties and instead of putting the the Field.value that has the actual path (file:// and I manually put in the file:// it works fine.

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    Have you tried to display the feildname value in the report
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Yes I did display the fieldName data in the report and it was what I need. When i put the fieldname data (file://images/picture1.jpg) directly in the image properties location it displays fine. Its almost as if sql will only display a picture dynamically if its in binary in a database.

    I am at a loss. Can do what I need in ASP classic, but I need a report in .pdf with these pictures. Or is there someway i can create in ASP then save as .pdf?

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