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    Unanswered: populate text box using two combo's

    I have two cbos one is CategoryCombo and the other BookmarkCombo. I pick a Category and then pick a Bookmarkname and it displays the hyperlink.
    My form is BookmarkF.
    In my (BookmarkT) the first ID, row 1, is, CategoryID 1.
    The second ID, row 2, is zoho CategoryID 2.
    When in the form BookmarkF I choose and go to the Google website. Later I close the database. When I open the database again URL is now in field.
    I have 5 hyperlinks and whichever one I last visited in BookmarkF it will change the first ID, row 1 to that Bookmark in the BookmarkT. It only changes the hyperlink field. It does not change the BookmarkID or the CategoryID.
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    It sounds as if the Comboboxes are Bound to your Table, as opposed to simply being based on the Table, as they should be.

    For each Combobox go to

    Properties - Data - Control Source

    and make sure that it is blank.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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