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    Unanswered: database problem

    I'm using an access database for my database. Just lately, the program cannot recognized the mdb file. So I tried to open the mdb file and it ask for the password. I inputted the right password and it says,

    "The database "AA.mdb" needs to be repaired or isn't a database file." Do you want Microsoft Access to attempt to repair the database?.

    But when I click yes, it says that the password is invalid. I'm sure I'm using the right password since I keep on opening the database file before it was destroyed. Is there any possibility that the database can be repaired? Now the problem is that the data in mdb files are very important to me.But the files seem to be demaged.Is there any tool who can advice me?



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    If you create a new (empty) database, can you see the objects in the corrupt database (File --> Get External Daata --> Import) from it?
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    tool to repair mdb files

    Here are some Access database recovery tools that may be able to repair your Access database file. Below is a list of them:

    Most of them provide a free demo so you can try first.


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