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    Post Unanswered: School database development

    Guys, I need your help in directing me on how to structure this database and realize it. I am an access beginner and want to upgrade my skills in database, so i decided to start with MS Access.

    I need to design a Secondary school database with about 2000 students. This database should have features as follows:

    * Keep a student profile and their guardian,(Fname, Lname, Address, DoB etc)
    * Keep record of each school fee transaction,
    * An academic year has 3 terms, with each term having 2 tests periods.
    * Records the test marks of students and at the end of each term, produce an automatic report card for each student.
    * Generate class council report sheets, master sheets, at the end of each term and academic year,
    * Generate each students transcripts when demanded,
    * Automatically promote students to next class, if the average is >=10
    * Keep track of school teachers (employee) (Teachers profile, subjects they teach etc),

    The FIRST problem i face is organizing or structuring the tables. Each class in the school has sub classes E.g Form 1 has A, B, and C, likewise Form 2 = 2A, 2B, 2C; From 3 - 5 the same. Each class has about 11 subjects maximum, but not all students take all the subjects especially at higher classes as Form 4 and Form 5. I also want to take note of academic sessions. I want it to automatically promote a student at the end of each academic session to the next session and in a new class. E.g. A child just newly admitted into Form 1A, this session 2011/2012 should be automatically moved to say Form 2B in September 2012 when the academic session 2012/2013 starts.

    Please, if anyone knows how to structure this database, let the person help me. Thank you very much. I really need to upgrade my little skills in database design.

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    Have a look at this site, you'll probably find something to help you:
    Templates - Presentations, Spreadsheets, Documents, Calendars & More -
    Have a nice day!

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