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    Unanswered: Same Proc for different tables in a single proc

    Hi Folks,

    Well i have a procedure which basically checks for the count of the records in the table and if its 0, it inserts one dummy record...Now the problem is i have multiple tables running into some 40 Tables to be precise and i have implement the same logic for all tables...

    Here is the sample proc..Please help me..How do i incorporate a logic mentioning all tables in the proc at one go..

    create or replace procedure test_proc as
    v_count number :=0;
    select count(*) into v_count from test;
    if v_count = 0 then
    INSERT INTO test (column1, column2,column3)
    end if;

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    how does code "know" or decide which tables need to be run against?
    how does code "know" column names & datatypes to be inserted for 40 different tables?
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    Pass all the table names into comma seperated values to SP and then using oracle system table retrieve the columns for them build up a dynamic query for insertion and then execute it using execute immediate

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