Hello everyone. I'm new to database design and drawing a rookie blank on this idea.

I'm trying to figure out how to (if I need to) build a MAILING_LIST relation based on these rules:
1) a Customer can choose if they want to receive a monthly catalog
2) the company can create a mailing list of those who want monthly catalog, to save on sending un-necessary copies to people who don't want them.

Do I need to create a separate entity for MAILING_LIST, or would it be enough to simply have a Boolean option with say the name Cust_Mailing_List , and then the client could print list simply from this attribute?

Right now I have the following:

CUSTOMER ( Cust_ID , Cust_FName , Cust_LName , Cust_Address1 , Cust_Address2 , Cust_City , Cust_State , Cust_Zip , Cust_Phone , Cust_Fax , Cust_Email , Cust_Mailing_List , Cust_Reg_Date )

MAILING LIST ( ML_ID , ML_Distribution_Date )

Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.