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    Unanswered: Compacting Database

    I am getting an error when I try to compact my database (2000 version) Front and back end on server. Windows 7

    I get the message "Invalid Database Object Reference"

    I then click help and it says "Error 3276. The database object specified is not the result of the opendbmethod or it has been modified and is no longer valid.

    Any ideas?

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    go back to the backup copy
    create a new db and copy the objects from the old db
    use a paid for service to retrieve your data

    comapct and repair should be used sparingly, and only on a development db. ideally you should back up your db immediately prior to doing a compact and repair. C&R shoudl never be enabaled as an automatic process on closing a db.

    I seem to rememebr there is another program written by Microsoft which can correct problems in a JET database
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    I have managed to use compact and repair and it has made a big difference to the speed. Why are you saying that it should be used sparingly? What are the dangers?

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    There is a risk that something goes wrong during the compact and repair process and that you end up with a corrupted and unusable database. If you really need to compact and repair a database, use the Backup Database feature (that performs the same operations) in the File Menu, twice:

    a) First time: accept the proposed name for the backup file (e.g. MyDatabase_2011-10-20.mdb).
    b) Check the backup file to see if it's usable.
    c) Second time: select the name of the original database for the backup file and confirm the replacement of the existing file.

    That way you'll always have a safe copy to turn to if something goes wrong during the Compact and Repair process.
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