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    Unanswered: Problem with import from file command

    Hello everyone!
    I have a problem with the import command of db2.
    I have a table called "customer" with 4 columns, A B C and D, and i want to import data from a file "file1.mdel", but in this file there are only B C and D columns. At the same time of the import command i want to set value of column A, for example with a default value "ONE". I can't use the Update command because i have another file "file2.mdel" and in this case I want to set column A with another value, for example "TWO".

    I use DB2 9.5 and Windows xp. Sorry for my bad english and thanks!!

    Ps: for now, without setting column A, the queries are:
    IMPORT FROM c:\file1.mdel OF DEL INSERT INTO customer(B,C,D)
    IMPORT FROM c:\file2.mdel OF DEL INSERT INTO customer(B,C,D)

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    q1. if col is null =yes you can import and if you do not specify this col in the collist
    q2. change the default value for this col to ONE - import1
    change the default and import2
    or import1 - update table set cola=one where cola is null
    import2 - update table set cola=two where cola=one
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    Quote Originally Posted by przytula_guy View Post
    update table set cola=one where cola is null
    Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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