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Thread: Crosstab query

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    Unanswered: Crosstab query

    I have created crosstab queries based on a single column in a table, but now need to have ove based on multiple columns.

    My table is as follows;
    trandate as date
    cards as dec(5,2)
    cash as dec(5,2)
    cheques as dec(5,2)

    I want to product a crosstab as follows;

    TranType Monday Tuesday Wednesday ........etc etc
    cards 500.00 200.00 450.00
    cash 100.00 325.00 100.00
    cheques 50.00 0.00 5000.00

    hints and tips would be great


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    any reason why you couldn't do this with your application code (php or whatever)

    that's where cosmetic re-arrangement of query results should take place

    besides, it's way messier in sql | @rudydotca
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