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    Unanswered: Filtering a Query based on 3 tables

    Hi All,

    I am trying to create a query that will display the information that is common between 3 tables based on one field.

    I have the following tables:

    SAP_No [text]
    D_DT [text]
    Description [text]
    Units [text]
    Unit_Cost [Currency]
    Total_Quantity [Number]

    Name [Text]
    Quantity [Number]

    SAP_No [Text]
    Description [Text]

    Material_Inventory is a database containing all items.
    The user selects items from Material_Inventory and gives the items quantities e.g. Description: pole, Quantity: 10
    Wood_List contains only some items of Material_Inventory. BOM might/might not have items in common with Wood_List.

    I want the query to link the 3 tables and show only the items that are common between the 3 tables. Basically Wood_List filters BOM which filters Material_Inventory.

    Or alternatively I want Wood_List to filter BOM and use Material_Inventory to display Total_Quantity of the item in Wood_List.


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    Sorry my bad... BOM didn't have anything from the Wood_List table.... been a long day

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