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    Unanswered: **Help Report - Pulling certain fields on report

    Hey guys, I am new to the forums and pretty to new to Access, I have an easy/dumb question I am sure. I have a form with Name, ID, Email, and then A, B, C, D as the fields.

    I am trying to pull a report so that it only pulls Name, ID, Email, and then only the A, B, C, D columns that have an "X" in them, as if the person is a part of that group/column.

    Any help would be great.

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    You base the report on a query rather than directly on the table. That query would contain the criteria that pulls the records you want. It sounds like a simple "X" in the criteria row. An X in each field on the same line will pull records where the person has all 4 with X. If you put the X in 4 different criteria rows, you'll get records where any of the 4 fields has an X. In SQL view, that translates to "AND" vs "OR".

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