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    Unanswered: Help With query


    I have a query to get the latest record in a table as follows:

    SELECT DISTINCT max(lcns_startdt) as lcns_startdt, max(appt_stopdt) as appt_stopdt, max(appt_startdt) as appt_startdt, agent_tax_id, co_id, state_id, lob_type
    FROM license
    GROUP BY agent_tax_id, co_id, state_id, lob_type
    HAVING lcns_startdt = max(lcns_startdt) AND
    appt_stopdt = max(appt_stopdt) AND
    appt_startdt = max(appt_startdt)

    Now the user wants to redefine a latest record. They want to first look at the latest appt_startdt field. If there is only one record for agent_tax_id, co_id, state_id, lob_type with the lastest appt_startdt then use that record. If there are two or more records using the latest appt_start_dt then look at the appt_stopdt. If there are two or more records that have the same appt_startdt and appt_stopdt then get the latest lcns_startdt. I am not sure how to code this in SQL. Can someone help me out?



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    you're not going to like the ANSI SQL solution (the forum you posted in) because it probably won't work in your database system

    what database system are you using? | @rudydotca
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    I am using Sybase 11.9.2

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