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    Unanswered: my subprog(vithal)

    1. Display the employee full name, advance name, payment amount, installment numbers, along with the total amount paid and
    total number of installments paid for supplied employee ID.
    2. Display the details of all the employee’s who are working in the same department of the employee name supplied, employee
    full name, department name, department incharge name.
    3. Display employee’s full name, incentive type, amount granted, incentive date, allowance name, allowance abbr, allowance
    sanctioned amount, advance name, advance abbr, advance amount, date allocated for the employee ID supplied, if the
    employee is not sanctioned any allowance or advance or incentive, display not granted.
    4. Display the employee full name, amount of salary fixed, salary fixed date, salary fixed incharge name for all salaries that are
    fixed on the employee until now. Show a remark column displaying “Active Salary” or “Deactive Salary” according to the
    5. Display the employee full name, department name, department incharge name, shift approved date, shift start and end time
    which are active for an employee ID supplied.

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    We are not going to do your homework for you.

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    Some more DASPs and WASPs, ASAP if possible?

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    yes.. TIDBF (This Is DB Forum) not homework forum

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