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    Unanswered: Automatic sequence help


    I'm creating a database for a business. It has a table of Sites and another table containing a column with Site, another column containing Sequence, with each site having 5 or so rows, with Sequence1 to Sequence5, and third and fourth columns containing ProductA and ProductB (which are different for each Sequence#).

    I need to have fields in a form automatically fill with the products linked to the correct sequence# for importing data each week, and then automatically change to the next sequence# set for the next week's import; with an option to tick a box to not automatically change the sequence if the products were not changed that week.

    Does that make sense? I've given an example below.
    Can anyone help?

    Site Sequence ProductA ProductB
    SiteA Seq1 Prod1 Prod2
    SiteA Seq2 Prod1 Prod3
    SiteA Seq3 Prod4 Prod2
    SiteA Seq4 Prod4 Prod3
    SiteA Seq5 Prod5 Prod6
    SiteB Seq1 Prod1 Prod3
    SiteB Seq2 Prod4 Prod2
    SiteB Seq3 Prod4 Prod3
    SiteB Seq4 Prod5 Prod6
    SiteB Seq5 Prod1 Prod2
    SiteC Seq1 Prod4 Prod2
    SiteC Seq2 Prod4 Prod3
    SiteC Seq3 Prod5 Prod6
    SiteC Seq4 Prod1 Prod2
    SiteC Seq5 Prod1 Prod3

    When importing, week 1:
    Date Site ProductA ProductB
    01-xx-xxxx SiteA Prod1 Prod2
    01-xx-xxxx SiteB Prod1 Prod3
    01-xx-xxxx SiteC Prod4 Prod2

    week 2:
    Date Site ProductA ProductB
    08-xx-xxxx SiteA Prod1 Prod3
    08-xx-xxxx SiteB Prod4 Prod2
    08-xx-xxxx SiteC Prod4 Prod3
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