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    need support :confused:

    please help me to solve these 2 problems

    1. How would you normalize this relation???
    Consider a Relation R(A,B,C,D,E,F) with the following dependencies (A,B)->C, (A,D)->E, D->B, E->C

    Do lossless join decomposition of R so it is in BCNF normal form

    2.Consider the relation R, which has attributes that hold schedules of courses and sections at a university; R = {CourseNo, SecNo, OfferingDept, Credit-Hours, CourseLevel, InstructorSSN, Semester, Year, Days_Hours, RoomNo, NoOfStudents}.
    Suppose that the following functional dependencies hold on
    {CourseNo} -> {OfferingDept, CreditHours, CourseLevel}
    {CourseNo, SecNo, Semester, Year} -> {Days_Hours, RoomNo, NoOfStudents,
    {RoomNo, Days_Hours, Semester, Year} -> [Instructorssn, CourseNo, SecNo}

    Try to determine which sets of attributes form keys of R. How would you
    normalize this relation?


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    First I'd go to school. Then I'd pay attention. Then I'd know the answer.

    Did another semester just start? "How not to try to get people to do my homework on the internet" should be a compulsory class before all others. It would save everyone involved a lot of headaches.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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