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    I created lots of tables in my SQL Server 2008 database. I added descriptions to each field using sp_addextendedproperty and (ms_description property).

    Now this seems to be an action equal to when I add this comment in the table design view to the Description field.

    However, if I use the stored procedure to add comments, design grid will not display the comment (and of course, results in error if I try to add on there, 'cos there's already a value for that property).

    My pain is that I have a sexy tool namely BI Documenter that creates a handy help file (.chm format) for the database. It does not recognise any comments added by the sp_addextendedproperty, but it does so, when a comment to a field is added through the table design view.

    Since the same MS_Description property is edited in 2 ways, I really have no clue, how on earth can it still make a distinction and not display a comment added by an sp.

    I want to be able to compile this help file with comments without having to rewrite the descriptions manually again.


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    Hello Clapton79 ,
    first i share your pain ,
    second i found a helpful article to us ,which me be v helful to u too
    Fun with Extended Properties in SQL Server 2008 | Glenn Berry's SQL Server Performance

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    Unhappy hello

    Thanks for the answer.
    I've read through the article and it says exactly what I did: use sp_addextendedproperty.

    I made an excel table with functions that compile a CREATE TABLE script so I can easily build up a table with lots of tables along standards. So I used this, instead of adding Description in the table design view.

    It did speed up my work, but now I'm in trouble and this article is not giving me a hand.

    This IS Microsoft. Have every feature accessible from hundreds of places. And then find out what the difference in the behaviour might be...

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