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    Unanswered: Trying an update with data from an external table

    I am trying to update a table with data from a SELECT...WHERE EXISTS that involves an external table and a second join to the table being updated. However, when it gets to the commit, an ORA-02051 ("another session or branch in same transaction failed or finalized") exception gets thrown.

    Here's the code:
    UPDATE the_table t
    SET obs_fg = 1
      SELECT t2.key
      FROM the_table t2
           JOIN the_external_table@the_db_link ext
           ON ext.key = t2.key
      WHERE ext.old_key = t.key
    What I end up doing is, I have to create an associative array of VARCHAR2, selecting the the_table.key values into that, and then looping through the array and updating the_table one key value at a time - and even that throws the same exception unless I add a commit between the select and the loop.

    Both of the databases involved are

    Is there a way I can get the single update to work?
    Is this a known bug of some sort? Apparently, it is - #9130054
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