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    Unanswered: Problem with Input Mask on Date

    I have used a ready table in access called Plants
    I created a form based on this table but I notice when I enter the date of the field, it just does not write all numbers, it had this input mask by default 99/99/00;0
    i did many many things, i do not want to waste time and write error messages i receive,
    I just want the safest guaranteed method to enter date without any error messages because even when i set format to short date with no input mask i still receive problem ( changed this on both table and form based on that table but i just can't enter the date without receiving an err msg

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    Quote Originally Posted by oakeyes View Post
    ...i did many many things, i do not want to waste time and write error messages i receive
    That's like going to your doctor and saying "I'm sick, doctor, but I can't waste time telling you what's wrong! Just cure me!"

    The safest way to insure that dates are entered correctly is to use a Calendar for data entry into the Control. You've saved so much time by not telling us what is actually happening that there's really nothing much else we can advise you on.
    Hope this helps!

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    Do not blame me, yesterday I really felt nauseous because I tried too much to solve the problem.

    using a Calender sounds great, thanks.

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