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    Unanswered: Field padding while dropping "," and decimal

    I am trying to create a formula field in Crystal Report XI that takes a monetary/numeric field and converts it to 10 characters with preceding zeroes, while dropping any commas or decimals. For example: 2,907.41 becomes 0000290741. Does anyone have any idea of how to do this?

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    You can easily achieve that (converting to 0000290741) by using the ToText function.

    Other methods of padding zeros to the number is by concatenation such as:

    "0000000000" + {Field};
    Right("0000000000" & {Field},10);

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    Using the example number of 17,724.09>

    If I try using ToText, (totext({CheckHed1.CheckAmt},"0000000000"))

    I get 0000017724

    If I use your example, ("0000000000" + cstr({CheckHed1.CheckAmt});
    Right("0000000000" & {CheckHed1.CheckAmt},10);

    I get 017,724.09

    I also tried replacing cstr with totext, and that didn't make any difference. Am I doing something wrong?

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