hi guys,

I need to creat new sheet from the existing sheet using macro. The new will contain the same data as the existing old sheet but in different format.

Module_Type Device_signal_tag
_AI_52_ASH STO001--LT5411--
_AI_52_ASH STO001--LT5413--
_AI_52_ASH STO001--LT5415--
_CSD_52_ASH DES101--FV1915-1
_CSD_52_ASH DES102--FV1901--
_V_12_IP_52_ASH DES101-1YV0604--
The old sheet contains above two columns out of many columns.
The column name 'Module Type' contains the data in merged cells or simple cells.
I want to create a new sheet with the data in the adjacent column of the merge cells from column 'Module type' to be placed in separate new columns next to the column 'Module Type'
'_CSD_52_ASH' this value is inside the 2 merge cells. So the values next to cells in adjacent column DES--FV1915-1 and DES--FV1901-- to be copied to the cells in new columns. and keep all the data in sheet as it is.

can you please help me with this?