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    Unanswered: Am I doing well?

    Hi, I'm trying to do the following database:

    The idea is that a commercial enter customer data in the following table "customer"

    cod_cliente, name, ID number, country, province, city, zip code, address, teleffono, email, language, metodo_contacto, schedule

    Then a company called table where it stores the following:

    cod_emoresa, cod_cliente, name, forma_juridica, cif

    A third table which stores user data:

    cod_cliente, user, pass, domain

    And finally fourth table that stores the incidents that have had:

    cod_cliente, cod_empresa, issue, problem, nombre_tecnico, ticket, domain

    This is the presentation that I made but of course my question is that I do not know if it is properly raised by the database system, I do not know if this is correct, if you you would do differently or otherwise as they arise, basically it about managing web sites for the storage of incidents that have different websites, I do not know if the user data type is better than a commercial or register directly by the users, not very clear to me tambipo.

    Well, greetings and thanks for reading.

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    i cannot comment on the table design until i see all the primary and foreign keys

    for example, i see cod_cliente used in the customer table, presumably it's the primary key there, and it's also in your other three tables, presumably it's a foreign key there... but what are the primary keys of those other tables? | @rudydotca
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    your script to access db?

    How are you accessing the database? What script or rather what software and how will you reference and update the records? You are gong to need to do more than the database design to get started. But anyways always assume that you are doing better than most CEOs who hire others to do their coding.

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