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    Unanswered: SQL2563W when restore a db, ADM10500E appears in log


    I got a lot of error message in db2diag.log listed as bellow. The error was reported to almost every databases in my db2 instance.

    What should I do to make my db functioning?


    2011-10-27- E896188F636 LEVEL: Error
    PID : 6024 TID : 3724 PROC : db2fmp64.exe
    INSTANCE: DB2 NODE : 000
    EDUID : 3724
    FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, Health Monitor, HealthIndicator::update, probe:500
    MESSAGE : ADM10500E Health indicator "Log Filesystem Utilization"
    ("db.log_fs_util") breached the "upper" alarm threshold of "85 %"
    with value "94 %" on "database" "DB2.QM ". Calculation:
    "((os.fs_used/os.fs_total)*100);" = "((59224264704 / 62807601152) *
    100)" = "94 %". History (Timestamp, Value, Formula): "()"
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    Quote Originally Posted by dixiefu View Post
    SQL2563W when restore a db
    SQL2563W The restore process has completed successfully, but one or
    more table spaces from the backup were not restored.

    Check your restore - it looks like some tablespace(s) were not restored.

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    the adm message is just the health monitor checking the usage of the filesystem where the logs are located
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