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    Unanswered: oracle 10g - string concat question

    Hi Everyone,

    Having an issue and can't figure out how to solve it.
    Say I have a dataset like the following
    id --- last name --- first name --- result --- extra
    1          A               A          80       prof.A
    1          A               A          80       school A
    1          A               A          80       city A
    1          A               A          80       Country A
    2          B               B          70       school B
    2          B               B          70       prof B
    2          B               B          70       city B
    2          B               B          70       Country B
    what I want to do is combine that extra column into 1
    which I figured a way by using wm_concat
    select,a.lastname,a.firstname,b.result,wm_concat(b.extra) as extra
    from tables users a,info b
    where =
    group by id,lastname,firstname,result
    this will return the data nicely like so:
    id --- last name --- first name --- result --- extra
    1          A              A           80        prof.A,School A, City A, Cou A
    2          B              B           70        schoolB,profB,cityB,country b
    My problem is I want to order by extra field first so that it comes in the same order (prof,school,city,country) there is a sequence field in table b that each of the 4 values are associated to (1=prof,2=school,3=city,4=country) so how can I return this data so the extra field will be in the same order for all results?
    if I try adding a order by to the above query then the wm_concat doesn't work and I get the proper order but everything is on seperate rows.

    Thanks in advance.

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    you can write your own function. i think in 10g there no buildin function to aggregate strings.

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