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    Question Entity relationship diagrams

    i've got to produce a conceptual data model consisting of an Entity Relationship Diagram and Entity Listing (listing each entity and the associate attributes). List any (if any) constraints and assumptions you have made.
    Task 2
    Using your conceptual data model, develop a relational schema consisting the attributes, domains, primary keys and foreign keys for each of the identified entity.
    Task 3
    Produce a sample data for each entity (table), indicating primary keys and foreign keys (if any), for each of your entities.

    I am absolutely rubbish at doin this can anyone help me put one together?

    The management of Premiere Products, a distributor of appliances, house-wares and sporting goods has decided that the company’s recent growth no longer makes it feasible to maintain customer, order and inventory data using its manual systems. With the data stored in a database, management will be able to ensure that the data is current and more accurate than in the present manual system. In addition, managers will be able to obtain answers to their questions concerning the data in the database easily and quickly, with the option of producing a variety of useful reports.
    Premiere Products must maintain the information about its sales reps, customers, parts inventory and customer orders in the new database. To place an order the customers must be registered with Premier Products and the system should record the customer details. Each customer will be allocated a sale rep; s/he will be their first line of contact. When ever the customer places the order the order details must be recorded including the customer who places the order, the items ordered etc. Each customer can place many orders, but an order will always be from a single customer.
    Premier Products have a number of warehouses; the items are stored in these warehouses. The system should record the name and address for each ware house.
    The system should record information of the Sales Rep including their name (first name, last name), address (house no, street, city, post code) commission rate (%) etc.
    For the customer the system should record name (first name, last name), address (house no, street, city, post code), telephone number, their sales rep etc.
    For the inventory the system should record the information for the parts including the name of the item, description, category, unit price, number of units in hand (stock), the warehouse where the item is stored etc.
    For each order placed by the customer the system must record the order number, the date of the order, the customer who places the order, items ordered, number of units ordered, quoted price for each unit etc.

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    yes, we can help

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