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    Unanswered: Reverse engeering ORA MV into PowerDesigner 15.0


    I am a consultant in BI since years. The customer I work for ask me to put the newly created MV into PWD 15.0
    What is the best approach. I can reverse eng (RE) the MV and insert the corresponding SQL. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to build a diagram will all tables & MV involved in the MV. Would have been nice to have PWD analysing the create MV sql and automatically create the diagram.... many thx in advance for your feedback - Thierry

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    import into PowerDesigner MV

    thx for your advice. A little bit short. I have tested your dbms suggestion. Fine, other ways exists to obtain what this DBMS provides. What I am trying to do is get the info generated by this DBMS or otherways (DLL definitions) of a MV imported into PWD. In other words what is the best option within PWD to obtain a star-schema diagram and associated DML/DLL imported/known in PWD. Are you telling me I should execute this DBMS within PWD ? I would appreciate a little bit more insides regarding your proposed solution. Thx in advance for your coope - b rgds - Thierry

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