Hello, I am using Access to query 2 SQL databases, I need to try to group by dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTests.Name, dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTests.Description (they will be the same for each Mantests.name.

The ItemText and ExpectedResults values will be different, so for each dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTests.Name, I would like to out put all of the ItemText and ExpectedResults values in one output field delimited by "|" without the quotes. Is that possible?

Here is my query now that just outputs everything without grouping and delimiter:

SELECT dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTests.Name, dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTests.Description, dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Items.ItemText, dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Items_Data.ExpectedResults
FROM ((dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Category INNER JOIN dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTests ON dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Category.CategoryID = dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTests.CategoryID) INNER JOIN dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Items ON dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTests.ManTestID = dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Items.ManTestID) INNER JOIN dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Items_Data ON (dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Items.ManTestID = dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Items_Data.ManTestID) AND (dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Items.OrderNo = dbo_QAC_QAD_ManTest_Items_Data.OrderNo)

I would like it to output something similar to this

Name1 Description1 Step1 - yada yada yada | Step2 - yada yada yada Expected Result1 | Expected Result2