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    Unanswered: Count() with a condition

    Hello everyone.

    I have a problem with the function count().

    What i want to do is to display for each company, the company's name, the name of the company's boss and the number of rentals exceeding three days made in 2010.

    So the condition is: the number of rentals exceeding three days made in 2010.

    Therefore, if the company doesn't have any rentals that satisfy the condition, it shouldn't be eliminated form the resulting table but instead it should be written zero. For example:

    company 1 -------------------- BOSS 1-----------------------2
    company 2---------------------- BOSS 2---------------------- 0 --doesn't satisfy the condition: 0 rentals
    company 3-----------------------BOSS 3 ----------------------5
    company 4---------------------- BOSS 4--------------------------1
    company 4 ----------------------BOSS 5 ----------------------- 0 --doesn't satisfy the condition: 0 rentals


    company 1----------------------BOSS 1---------------------------2
    company 3--------------------- BOSS 3---------------------------5
    company 4----------------------BOSS 4 --------------------------1

    My sql codes displays the second table and not the first table. This is my code:

    SELECT ag.nom_agence as NOM_AGENCE, ag.responsable_agence, count(*) as RESPONSABLE
    FROM agences ag, locations l
    WHERE ag.id_agence = l.id_agence AND
          l.date_location BETWEEN to_date('01/01/2010','DD.MM.YYYY') AND to_date('31/12/2010','DD.MM.YYYY') AND
          l.duree > 3
          group by ag.nom_agence,ag.responsable_agence
    Any ideas please? Thanks

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    >Any ideas please?
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    Select sum(decode(least(l.duree,3),3,0,1)) number_over_three
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    Quote Originally Posted by mkab View Post
    Any ideas please? Thanks
    Looks to me like simple outer join. See some examples here:

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