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    Unanswered: Upgrade Postgresql 8.4 to 9.1


    I have installed Postgresql 8.4 and just started with it when I decided I wanted to upgrade it to Postgresql 9.1.1.
    I researched upgrade and choose the pg_upgrade option since I did not have a complex database at this point.
    When I type pg_upgrade in my console, Ubuntu 10.04, I get pg_upgrade: command not found.
    It turns out that pg: Usage: is pg [-number] etc but no pg_upgrade.

    Any suggestions on how to go about upgrading Postgresql 8.4 to 9.1.1, that is short of uninstall 8.4 and re-installing 9.1 .... thanks.


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    pg_upgrade will update the data of your Postgres installation. It will not upgrade the actual binaries.

    To upgrade, just download and install the new version.

    Then use pg_upgrade (or pg_dump/pg_restore) to migrate the data from the old version to the new version. If you plan to use pg_upgrade you must keep the old binaries because pg_upgrade needs them.

    pg_upgrade is documented in details in the manual:

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    Thanks shammat,

    I used the Personal Package Archives repository since my system said I already had the latest Postgresql.

    It worked just fine and but I still cannot use pg_upgrade since the message is that the command is not recognized.

    I am researching that issue, but thank you yet again for your clarification on what pg_upgrade actually does and pointing me in the direction of installing a newer version of Postgreql.


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