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    Unanswered: FileGroups and Files

    Hi Guys

    Im trying to understand FileGroups and Files.

    Am I right in saying that all FileGroups are a container for lots of Files of SQL Server i.e. a grouping of data files?

    And within the Files themselves, there are Tables, Indexes, Stored Procedures etc on the them?

    Please can someone clarify?


    p.s. Ive come across this due to me partitioning my huge tables.

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    Filegroups are named collections of files and are used to help with data placement and administrative tasks such as backup and restore operations.

    Database objects and files can be grouped together in filegroups for allocation and administration purposes. There are two types of filegroups:


    The primary filegroup contains the primary data file and any other files not specifically assigned to another filegroup. All pages for the system tables are allocated in the primary filegroup.


    User-defined filegroups are any filegroups that are specified by using the FILEGROUP keyword in a CREATE DATABASE or ALTER DATABASE statement.

    Log files are never part of a filegroup. Log space is managed separately from data space.

    No file can be a member of more than one filegroup. Tables, indexes, and large object data can be associated with a specified filegroup. In this case, all their pages will be allocated in that filegroup
    To get more details you can read
    Files and Filegroups Architecture

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