I have a somewhat unique inventory database requirement which I’d like to resolve by using Access. The objective is to manage goods that are deployed for a couple of days at a time and then returned. Since these units are big, somewhat heavy and cumbersome, we employ movers. These goods go out and are received, en masse.
The equipment, which we track through the enclosing cabinet serial number, the two main components’ serial numbers and its sequence number, require a team at each loading dock. We refer to each shipped combination as a ”Unit”. There are only two models which we call A and B.
Although the two are physically combined (bolted) and shipped as a unit, the pairing may occasionally change due to repair replacement. With each Unit a separate container or containers filled with the required ancillary peripherals, documentation and supplies is also shipped.
We have 1,000 A Units and 500 B Units’. Since we move over 3,000 items at a time, the logistics and activity at the loading docks are hectic.
Just before the mover loads the Units and containers, they are scanned out. Currently I have it working by using look up to allow the scanning of numbers, not allowing duplicates, onto a table with a sequence number and time stamp.
When the mover returns the goods, the process is reversed.
I would like to be able to scan the main number, have it accepted if it is in the look up table, and then only allow entries for the subcomponents which correspond to the values in the look up table associated with its main number. I would also like to have a running total and be able to “publish” (to a browser accessible file) a real time list updated as the goods go out.
We have four loading docks and four PC based scanners at each. We have been scanning onto tables on each pc and then combining later. We do have a central “server” and Ethernet connectivity from each dock to the server. Since this is a local government entity, and we are under severe financial constraints, it has fallen upon this Access newbie to improve what we have. Although I love a challenge, it is all a bit daunting.
Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.