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    Unanswered: COPY all objects from one schema to another schema in same DB

    Hi All,
    I am trying to accomplish following:
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    I want to copy all objects from one schema to another schema in same DB.
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    I have two questions.

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    I have succeffully ran following command:


    It works perfectly fine and Creates a new TARGET1 schema and copies all objects.

    However, I need to copy all objects from SOURCE1 to TARGET2 Schema and there are already some tables in TARGET2. So I can not delete TARGET2 schema.

    So it gives an error that '*** Error while creating Schema TARGET2 ***".

    So what do I need??
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    If I want to use db2move export command, can I use it?? If yes then how??

    While doing the db2move export, can I specify that owner of this backup should be some other user.

    I have successfully copied the data in SAME Schema from One Database to another Database USING SAME SCHEMA.

    1) Export Data using following command:
    db2move SOURCE_DB export -sn SOURCE1

    2) Create DDL using following command:
    db2look -d SOURCE_DB -z SOURCE1 -e -x -nofed -o SOURCE1.sql

    3) Connect to SOURCE_DB2 Database and create tables:
    Run the SOURCE1.SQL file containing DDL and create tables of SCHEMA in SOURCE2_DB.

    4) Copy all ixf files to SOURCE_DB2 Server and issue following command:
    db2move SOURCE_DB2 load -lo replace -l .

    These steps work perfectly if I use same schema name in SOURCE1_DB and SOURCE2_DB.

    What do I need if would want to change the schema name in SOURCE2_DB.

    In Step #3, I can use a different Schema Name and create tables under different shcema.

    While loading (During step #4) I get the error that tables SOURCE2.* do not exist.

    So what do I need to change in this.

    I would really appreciate any feedback or solutions.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Any updates???

    Any updates???

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    What if you change the schema name in db2move.lst (created during db2move export) prior to step #4

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    That worked like a charm.

    Since I am new so I did not know about db2move.lst file.

    I also found that if you need to have dbadm/sysadm authority to complete these steps.

    Finally I accomplished what I wanted. Thanks db2girl.

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