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    Question Unanswered: Generating Report

    I have 3 table in my database like:

    1. REA (rea_id,customer,created_date,Model_id),
    2. REA_Updates(rea_id,update_id,date,comment),
    3. Model_type(model_id.Model_name)

    Now i need to create a report on which i need to show only 2 latest comment with REA Detail as well as the Model_name correspond to that particular model_id.

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    so if you want to restrict the number of rows use the LIMIT clause, and specify a sort sequence (ORDER BY).
    you may need to use a sub select, or perhaps embed the rea detail as a sub report linked to the top (parent) report by the rea id. so your top?parent report would have the JOINED query for REA & Model_Type, the subreport would have the stuff from REA_UPDATES.

    another approach would be to have a single query and flip on / off the visibility of the REA & model_type data using a bit of VBA in the reports on_format event
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